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Changning Five projects throughout city service
The quality is versatile
We thought the high quality product is the service beginning. We make every effort perfectly, causes the product to conform to technological advance, the product seriation, the design human nature, the price rationalization quality idea.
The technology is versatile
We request the technical personnel to have the specialized level. We will act as circumstances permit, to treat people appropriately according to their individual circumstances, will provide the special optimized plan for the customer, and will provide the comprehensive advisory service.
Consults versatilely
We thought the staff must be the customer advice. The staff should stand in the customer standpoint is the customer careful planning, lets the customer the choice ultra valve, does not have complain and regret.
Constructs versatilely
We thought the installment construction is a product part. We the job location will treat as the workshop, causes each link all to manifest the quality standard and the technical standard.
Serves versatilely
We initiate nursemaid's -like zero to be away from the service. The establishment marketing service organization, the implementation regularly does an inspection the system, 24 hours feedbacks systems, along with calls along with, enables the customer Any time, any place all to enjoy our service.

Commercial and post-sale service pledge book

First, the our company guaranteed provides satisfaction to the user pre-sale, sells and the post-sale service.
Second, the our company guaranteed provides the product to the user is brand-new, conforms to the technical performance request quality fine product.
Third, the our company guaranteed according to the contract agreement on time, guarantees the nature, guarantees measures land completes the delivery duty. Supplies goods the time generally is 20 days, according to requests to be allowed to reduce.
Fourth, the our company implements three packages of services to the product, the equipment at least maintains for a year, the lifelong maintenance.
Fifth, the our company is willing to provide the free technology advisory service for the user.
Sixth, our company free instruction installment, debugging, until equipment normal operation.
After seventh, the equipment normal operation, the our company sends the specialized technical personnel free for the user training equipment administrative personnel.
Eighth, the establishment subscriber's equipment file, regularly pays a return visit, track service.
Ninth, may and the user signs the equipment lifelong maintenance and the maintenance agreement, lets the user exempt the permanent extra worries.
Tenth, guaranteed all-weather provides along with calls along with the service which arrives, accepts the grade of service surveillance (to report to the authorities the telephone: 020-38840999).
11th, meets has the significant activity, the our company may send the specialist to the scene duty, guarantees the equipment non- breakdown movement. Meets has the emergency case, the our company guaranteed sends the technical personnel by the quickest speed to rush the scene, solves the problem.
12th, the company work place for the company fixed industry, relates the place way stably reliable, Guangzhou is equipped with assembles the factory promptly, the fitting supply is sufficient, guarantees commercial and the post-sale service pledge cash from the hardware.


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