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  Guangzhou originated electromechanical equipment Ltd., rely on the powerful backing group, after 10 years of relentless pursuit and entrepreneurship, the development of specialization and a frequency conversion water supply equipment, pressure water supply equipment, frequency conversion air-conditioning, fire water supply equipment, water treatment equipment, water pumps and water tanks, stainless steel products, high-tech enterprises. Full quality, the ability to complete high-quality industrial or residential buildings, utilities series production, installation and service one-stop work.

  Companies with technology as the foundation of enterprises to scale operations and high-tech development as a strategy to strict, scientific, management optimization as a goal to "quality, efficient, pragmatic," as entrepreneurship, and resolutely implement the "quality, affordable, service-class" operating principles, the establishment of a scientific quality management system, and adopted IS9001 quality management system certification. Efforts to achieve zero error product quality, after-sale Lingjuli, for the majority of users in the best quality products at the same time, we offer pre-sale originated - class people, sell, and after-sales service.

  Companies under research and development centers, to continue to develop new products and technical innovations, from the traditional pressure water supply to water supply frequency conversion from the regulator and then to return to the programmable interface, and the development of recycled water GPK frequency conversion air-conditioning control equipment, GPW no negative frequency conversion water supply equipment, GPZ-noise frequency conversion water supply equipment, GPS fully automatic water frequency conversion water supply equipment, etc., and advanced technology, performance and reliable water supply sectors have been directly enterprises. For this reason, and your friends and the love and support of the vast number of users, product sales increased year by year, the market share rising. As of the end of 2005, there are 2,800 homes in the Guangdong region of users, a total of over 4,000 sets of equipment in normal operation. Whether product quality, performance, or after-sale services are the vast numbers of users praise.

  Relying on past engineering experience, excellent product quality, reasonable selling prices, improved after-sale services, flexible sales policies, secure the integrity of the company, I would like the company every success in its future endeavours and hope that you receive the greatest support, I believe there will be opportunities, and successful cooperation sincerely wish!


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